Sunday, July 14, 2013

Book of Mormon Reading Schedule & a Video

Hello Everyone!

I'm trying to get this Book Club organized so that it will be easy for everyone to follow along.  For those who have not yet received their copy in the mail from me, you can still read along with us at the following link until yours arrives.

If you have not requested a copy and you are interested in me sending you one, please click on the button on the side bar and contact me.  I will get you your very own copy asap.

Tomorrow we will be starting the First Book of Nephi (Chapters 1-3) so your homework tonight is reading the Introduction, Testimonies, and Brief Explanation of the Book of Mormon.  :)

The following is a 3 month reading chart that I got off the internet.  It looks perfect for us as well!  You can even print it out and put it in your scriptures!  Mark off the days you read so that you always know where you are.

I *heart* The Book of Mormon!


  1. Yay robin! I love reading the Book of Mormon! We are reading in the New Testament as a family and I am so excited to read along with you in the Book of Mormon! Can't wait!!!

  2. Morning Robin,
    My daughter and I had gathered our supplies! We're starting right away. I look forward to future comments and posts.

    Trish and Yaya

  3. Hi Robin, I don't need a book of Mormon. I have one but would love to join in. How do we sign up?
    Huggles, Wanda

    1. Hi Wanda! Just read along with us. No need to officially sign up. Just check in every so often and leave a comment with your thoughts.